Best gold investment companies of 2023: comparison, fees, reviews

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With the country’s financial and political situations changing daily, all of us are about their future and how an economic turmoil would affect their savings. So, like many of us, if you’re looking for a retirement plan that helps keep your mind at peace and your savings unaffected from economic instability, then gold investments is your best bet.

To make sure you find a genuine IRA company to work with, we have carefully selected and compiled a list of the best gold IRA companies out there!

Top 4 Gold Investment Companies of 2023 At a Glance

#1 Editor’s Choice – Best Gold IRA Company Overall: Augusta Precious Metals

(Laxmi Corp) | Augusta Precious Metals Summary.

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Number one on our list is Augusta Precious Metals, as they currently offer one of the leading gold IRA investments. They differ from many gold IRA companies because they guide new clients on the benefits and importance of gold investments. Augusta is considered to be the best gold IRA company by reputable platforms.

One of the unique factors about Augusta is its amazing customer service. Augusta introduces all its clients to gold and silver professionals to help them receive the best possible advice for them.

They have a very simple and easy setup process for their self-directed IRAs, and that helps you have entire control over your gold and silver bullions, and feel at ease.

Augusta gold IRA company deeply respects all their customers and forms a trusting relationship with them, and they offer customer assistance throughout the time they work with you. After a transaction, they do not leave you on your own but are always there at your service.

They stand by three strict commitments in helping you with your precious metals: transparency, simplicity and service.

This reputable gold IRA company has thousands of positive reviews on trust pilot, a very well-known reviewing platform. Augusta precious metals has also been a part of the trust links “best of” list for several years in the talk of gold IRA companies. The BBB and BCA have also accredited it.

All the gold IRA investments that you purchase with Augusta IRAs sits safely deposited in the Delaware Depositary, which is only of the best and most highly guarded depositories in the United States. The precious metals IRAs are inaccessible to facility workers, so you do not have to worry about their safekeeping.


  • BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) has given Augusta precious metals a triple-A rating

  • Accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) as a reputable gold IRA company

  • Simple three-step self-directed IRA setup

  • Friendly customer service and assistance even after precious metals IRA transactions are complete

  • No official complaints were signed against Augusta precious metals

  • Attained thousands of reviews and 5-star ratings on trust pilot about their precious metals IRAs

  • Offer 24/7 live chat assistance on their gold IRA company website


  • The minimum investment requirement of Augusta precious metals in their gold IRA accounts is $50,000

  • There is no option to set up a gold IRA account online

  • A limited selection of gold bullions as well as other precious metals

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#2 Runner up – Best Prices Overall: Goldco

(Laxmi Corp) | Goldco Summary

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Next on our list of gold IRA companies is Goldco; It is a company based in the United States known best for its easy setup of self-directed IRAs and gold rollover IRAs.

If you’re new to silver IRAs and gold investments, Goldco is an amazing pick for you because they offer various precious metals, and their setup process is one of the easiest ones out there.

Goldco has friendly customer service, with their assistants helping you every step of the way. They introduce you to the best custodians to provide the best gold IRA services. They also help in understanding your requirements and then offer you plans that will be the best for you.

With Goldco, you can either set up a basic IRA or, if you wish to purchase precious physical metals, they also offer that. They offer one of the widest range of bullions for you to select from, from bars to coins.

They offer bullions in metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Their IRA setup is one of the quickest ones out there and is a simple three-step setup.

If you have any queries at any time, they have 24/7 live chat assistance on their website, so you do not have to wait days in curiosity to get help. To help you understand precious metals investment, they offer a free-of-cost information kit that you can easily sign up for on their website. If you want an easy and friendly company to work with that is low maintenance, then Goldco is the best option.


  • Both BBB and BCA have given it their highest ratings

  • Accredited by CAA (Consumer Affairs Accredited)

  • Thousands of 5-star reviews on trusted platforms

  • Chat assistance on their webpage is available 24/7

  • One of the lowest annual maintenance charges

  • Free information kit sign up available on the website


  • No online setup is available at the moment

  • Do not accept payments via debit or credit cards

  • Their accounts require a minimum investment of $25,000

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(Laxmi Corp) | American Hartford Gold Reviews Points.

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Coming in third on our list is American Hartford Gold; it is one of the highest-rated gold IRA companies in the market. This Los Angeles-based gold IRA company is well known for its easy method to purchase precious metals and the safe delivery that follows.

To guide individuals and beginners more on the benefits of noble gold investments, they offer a free 25-page information guide that you can easily sign up for on their gold IRA provider website. It contains information on all sorts of acquiring precious metals and the importance of investment diversification.

American Hartford is one of the gold IRA companies that focuses on educating individuals about the importance of diversifying their savings as it helps protect them from sudden economic instabilities. They want people to invest a portion of their savings into precious metals IRA as it retains their value and safeguard against inflation.

Their website has a live chat option, where you can receive assistance on any matter about precious metals IRA bat any time throughout the day.

If you need financial or gold investment-based advice, they are one of the leading gold IRA providers that connect you with gold specialists through a contact number displayed on their main website. They are known for their remarkable gold investing services at all times.

American Hartford offers many different types of precious metals and gold IRA rollover. They have separate precious metals IRAs, silver rollover IRAs and gold rollover IRAs. They also offer direct purchase of physical precious metals assets. Based on your requirement, you can easily opt for any of these options.

This company has a very easy setup process, and you are firstly guided by a professional that listens to your needs and requirements from this investment. You then receive advice on what type of investment plan would benefit you most.

They have one of the most diverse ranges of precious metals bullions to select from that, after purchase, are immediately delivered to you.


  • Approved by BBB as one of the top gold IRA companies

  • Put you in direct contact with investment specialists through a phone call

  • Have a 24/7 live chat option on their webpage for queries and help

  • Offer a diverse range of bullions such as coins, bars, etc

  • Deliver bullions immediately and safely soon after purchase

  • Let you sign up for a free of cost 25-pages information guide on gold investment, bullions and rollover IRAs

  • Friendly customer assistance


  • It takes 3-5 working days for the transactions to process

  • Do not deliver bullions outside of the United States at the moment

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(Laxmi Corp) | Birch Gold Group Summary.

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Last but not the least, on our list of the best gold IRA companies is Birch Gold. It is known for its friendly customer service and top ratings by BBB and BCA. They make sure to make the process of setting up IRAs extremely easy for all their customers as they understand that you are trusting them with large sums of money.

As one of the top-rated gold and precious metals companies, Birch Gold Group offers four types of metals. They want individuals to invest a portion of their savings towards precious metals as this would help their savings hedge against inflation, deflation and other economic instabilities.

Birch Gold Group offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You can invest in either of these or a combination of all these worthy metals.

To make the setup process easier for you, Birch Gold Group will connect you to a gold and silver specialist who goes over your case and requirements and then further suggests to you what type of investment you should make.

These advisors help you make the most out of your investment to ensure you have a safe future.

They have very high ratings on trustpilot, and all their current customers are very pleased with the services they receive. If you select Birch Gold Group, all your bullions would be safely kept in a depositary, and if you were to purchase physical metals, they would be safely delivered to your doorstep.


  • Birch Gold Group Received a triple-A rating by BCA as a sign of being a premier gold IRA company

  • BBB has given it an A-plus rating among Gold IRA investment companies

  • Provide gold IRA investors assistance from gold specialists and financial advisors

  • Birch Gold Group offers various precious metals such as physical gold, silver bullion, palladium, and platinum

  • Easy sign for their free information guide on their website

  • Immediate and safe delivery of physical assets and precious metal coins

  • Thousands of 5-star ratings on trust pilot because of their leading precious metals ira account


  • Sign-up is only possible through a specific link

  • Birch Gold Group provide no solid buying back plan for gold IRA investors in their gold IRA account

  • Gold IRA fees and expenses upfront are not thoroughly discussed in Birch Gold Group.

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Why You Should Invest In Gold IRA Companies

When you’re investing your savings into something, you’re doing it with the hope of making a profit on it for a secure future. All the other investment options are amazing now, but they might not be beneficial in the long run.

With stock, real estate and crypto markets being easily affected by inflation, currency degradation and other factors, your mind would never be at ease, and you could possibly lose all your life savings.

Gold IRA is an amazing option because gold never loses its value in the market, and it is the least affected by economic instability. Gold IRA companies make investing in gold so much easier for you than if you were to go out of your way and purchase precious metals yourself.

The best Gold IRA companies link you up with financial and gold specialists that go over your needs and then suggest what type of investment plan would be the best for your future. The company’s workers also make setting up your precious metals IRA quite quick and easy for you.

Working with gold IRA companies gives you a better understanding of the gold market and how buying back works. Since most gold investment companies offer amazing buying back plans, you do not have this to worry about at the back of your mind.

Another benefit of working with a gold IRA company is that your gold and other precious metals are always in a safer place. The metals are kept in privately guarded depositories, and you do not have to worry about them all the time.

Benefits Of A Gold IRA

There are endless long-term benefits of getting into the gold investment market right now. Following are some factors that make precious metals IRA so beneficial and profitable:

The Rising Price Of Gold

As we have witnessed in our life and economic history, gold has never really lost its value. The value of gold has only ever increased over time. Inflation, deflation and other economic devaluation affect its value in the market, but that decrease is quite minor, and it also recovers back in a short period.

So if you were to invest in a gold IRA right now and pull it out a few years later, you would gain a lot of profit. If you invest in gold intending to keep it for your future, it would have easily doubled its value.

Other alternate investment options like stocks and real estate are limited to a country, whereas gold IRA globally never loses its value. Whenever there is a shift in gold prices, it’s a global shift, so with gold, your money is guaranteed to grow more.

With a gold IRA, your heart is at peace knowing that your money will most likely give you a profitable return.

Long-term Safeguard And Protection

Gold IRA is the most sensible decision if you plan to secure your future. Gold is one of the only investment options that stands its ground and hedges against inflation, and in the long run, gold’s value only increases.

You can’t really rely on other investment options as they could face drastic damage any day, and you would be at a great loss. On the other hand, even if all your investments went into loss, the metals investment would still hold its value.

In the future, when in a time of need you need to pull out some of your savings, the most reliable option is gold because you know that it has a profitable return. Gold IRAs are quite low maintenance as the company secures your precious metals for you.

They also provide a solid buying back plan, which is another responsibility taken off your shoulders. Over time you also earn interest on your gold or silver IRAs, so you don’t need to worry about your money losing its value in the future.


All financial advisors suggest individuals diversify their savings and invest in not only one but many different investment plans. There are many alternate investment options out there, such as cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds and real estate.

Diversification of your savings is extremely important for your future because if you were to face a major loss in one of your investments, the other investments you have would be your safety blanket.

When finance specialists give advice, they strongly suggest you invest a part of your savings into gold because that part will be susceptible to the least damage from economic instability. The probability of gold investment loss is very low compared to the stock market or real estate.

Stocks and cryptocurrency face drastic changes daily and do not recover for long periods. Real estate also has its highs and lows, and unless you are very well knowledgeable about the market, you can lose all your money.

The portion of your money you invest into gold would help ease some of your stress. The best Gold IRA companies also make your work easier for you and give you all the basic knowledge you need about investing in precious metals, so you don’t feel like you’re out of the loop.

Tax Benefits

With some gold IRAs, your contributions and the profit you gain are not taxed. Some gold IRA companies let you withdraw from your IRAs without any tax deductions as long as you have held the account for a specific amount of time and also if you meet other requirements which are specific to each company.

Working with some companies, you can get tax credits if you make specific amounts of contributions to your IRA. Whenever you sell any of your investment stocks or properties, a certain portion of it goes into paying tax.

You don’t feel it as an extra burden with gold because the profit is mostly so high and the tax deduction so low.

Things To Be Aware Of Before Opening A Gold Investment

Before setting up your IRA or getting into gold investment, be on the lookout for the following possible factors that could affect your savings or result in a major loss:

Fees and Expenses

Many companies are not entirely transparent with you when it comes down to opening your account or purchasing precious metals, and some companies can be dishonest and sneak in extra charges.

When you open an account with any company, they have annual maintenance charges, possible tax deductions and depositary charges if you open an IRA. Usually, good companies guide you through their process and ensure you are aware of all extra expenses.

All this information is also stated in their paperwork, so make sure to double-check these details before signing.

Even though all companies have different annual charges, if something feels unreasonably expensive, you should not opt for it. If you find any company charging unnecessary fees, you should not work with them and look at other possible options.

Instead, there are many transparent and honest companies out there offering the same services. Always keep an eye on the annual deductions from your account to make sure no extra amount is being deducted.

No Yield, No Dividends, No Interest

High yield and more interest are one of the major perks of gold investment. You earn specific amounts of interest on your initial investment, and then you also receive more interest on the increased amount over time.

Many companies guide you on these perks and are honest with you. If a company isn’t honest with you or they rob you of these perks, then you should not opt for them because many more companies will offer you a better deal.

The whole point of investment is for it to be at its maximum potential whenever you need it in the future. If there are no dividends or good yield, then any investment is just more beneficial for the company than it is for you.

Fraud and Theft

With anything that involves large amounts of money, there are huge chances of you coming across scams and frauds. Suppose you ever find yourself in a position where a salesperson is being too pushy, or a company’s offers sound fishy.

In that case, you should step away from a situation like that to avoid a messy situation. A good company never needs to oversell; they guide you through all they can offer, leaving it up to you to decide what’s best for you.

Always keep your personal information and your IRA credentials to yourself. Even if a company worker asks for them through call or email, make sure it is legit, then only share such information.

Such personal information is mostly never needed by the company, so you should only keep it to yourself to avoid any sort of theft or scam.

Always stay updated with the news on different platforms to be aware of possible fraud alerts. When opening an account, conduct prior research on the company to know it is authentic, and you won’t face loss.

Buyers Guide To Investing In A Gold Investment

If you are a beginner in gold investment, the following are some important steps you should familiarize yourself with before you invest your savings:

Speak With A Financial Advisor Or Lawyer

If you decide for yourself that you want to invest in gold bars or other precious metals, the first thing that you should do is speak with a financial advisor. This step is extremely important for you as a beginner because you need someone to help you understand and learn more about investment.

Only a financial advisor can best understand your needs from the investment and then guide you towards what type of investment plan would be the best for you. Whether you need more long-term perks or safer options, only an expert can guide you on such matters.

Based on your current situation, they’ll also guide you on how to diversify your savings and what part of your savings you should be putting towards gold investment.

Work with an honest and reputable advisor that rightfully guides you on the positives and negatives of gold investment.

Review Current News For Fraud Alerts

Always keep yourself updated about fraud and scam alerts, and check news and social media platforms daily for precious metals market updates.

If you have decided to invest in gold bullion, the last thing you need is to be working with a fraud company or salesperson. For your own safety, you should research any company before committing to it.

Even if you have heard all good things about a specific company, don’t sign official contracts unless you know by your own cross-checking that they are legit. If some company’s offers sound too good to be true, then it is highly likely to be a scam.

You can even learn a lot about possible frauds through your own social circle, be attentive and careful when the matter is about your life savings.

Select A Gold Investment Company And Setup The IRA

Once you are set and aware of what type of investment plan you’re looking for, the next step is for you to find a good reliable gold IRA company. When you put huge amounts of money into a company, you need to make sure you trust it completely.

One can only do their own research about a company to a limited extent; it then comes down to how the company’s clients feel about working with them.

You might find a company that’s offering what you’re looking for. Still, for safety, you need to read more about the company and its customer’s experience on various reviewing platforms.

One of the most trusted platforms is trust pilot, the reviews there are mostly authentic, and if a company has a good rating on trust pilot, then it is surely a good pick.

Another thing that makes a company stand out from the rest is its approval and good ratings by BBB (Better Business Bureau) and BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), two very reputable platforms. If it ticks all the good boxes, then you should definitely choose it as the company where you establish your IRA.

Establish And Fund The IRA

The next step towards completion is actually opening an IRA with the gold IRA provider that offers what you require. Usually, all top companies have a simple three-step process for opening your precious metal IRAs, and they assist you along the way. Make sure the company you select has an efficient and quick transaction process, so your account opens up without small barriers in every step.

Once you have opened the type of precious metal IRAs that fit your needs, you need to fund this account then. Most companies accept all forms of payments, but some do not take credit/debit cards, so if that is something you’re not comfortable with, you can work with a different company instead.

Once the account has been funded, you can then select from the variety of metals that the company offers.

Invest In Precious Metals Via The IRA

After establishing your precious metals IRA, you can select which metals you want to invest in from the variety of metals your account company offers. Investing in precious metals via an IRA is a really good decision as the value of metals increases in the long term, and you would secure a safer future for your silver and gold investments.

Precious metal IRAs are also quite low maintenance. After you have completed your purchase, the company deposits your bullions in a protected depository where they are safe and secure. So the safety of your gold individual retirement accounts is something you have to worry less about.

Most companies offer gold and silver bullion, as well as platinum and palladium IRAs. You can select any of these or a combination of these precious metals for your traditional IRA.

The type and amount of metals you select depend on your requirements, which is why good companies offer you direct contact with gold specialists to help guide you in the right direction.

Gold Investment Rollovers

Rollover IRA is a process by which you can switch a part of your current retirement plan to a self-directed IRA. A gold IRA is far more beneficial than a basic IRA because gold hedges against inflation and economic uncertainty. Gold’s value will also likely increase in the future, so it secures a part of your savings.

The process is quite easy, and most companies nowadays offer easy rollovers, so you don’t have to worry about going the extra mile to change to a self-directed IRA.

401k Gold Investment Rollovers

With all companies offering gold rollover IRAs, you can easily switch from your 401k to a gold IRA, which means taking a part of your current 401k and putting it into a precious metals IRA and then buying precious metals via the IRA.

Switching helps you as precious metals retain their value and are barely affected by the economic crisis in the country. Dollars are more susceptible to damage from inflation and deflation, and this damage can also be very severe.

So the smarter decision is to switch your 401k to a gold IRA. You can make this process easier for yourself by selecting a company that deals in rollover IRAs, as this is their specialty, and they will suggest a unique plan to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Gold Investment Company

When you are selecting which gold IRA company you are going to work with, you should look at some of the following basic factors before you make a decision:

How Are Gold IRA companies Rated?

How a company’s actual clients and other reputable platforms think about it really matters a lot. When you are investing such a huge amount into the precious metals industry, you want to make sure it is reputable and legit.

You can learn a lot about a company and what it has to offer from its official website, but you must also do your own research and see how well the company stands in the market.

One of the biggest accurate sources of information on any company is BBB and BCA, their ratings are very accurate, and most gold IRA companies that are approved by these two platforms live up to the expectation.

Trust pilot is a reviewing platform with countless reviews on almost every company you could think of. Reviews on this platform are always accurate and not fabricated. Any company with 4-star to 5-star ratings on trust pilot is likely to be a good option.

All the companies mentioned in this guide have amazing ratings and reviews, so that is something you do not have to worry about with these companies. Sometimes it is also possible for a company with an average rating to offer you exactly what you need, but in that case, you would be taking a leap of faith. So be careful!

What are the Gold IRA Fee & Cost Structure?

All companies charge annual or monthly maintenance charges. These charges are different for every company based on the company you select and the type of account you open. Usually, they range from around $25 to $60.

However, some companies out there have extremely high maintenance, and they charge hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Please select your company keeping in mind all the extra charges that they have.

These charges are deducted directly from your account at the end of each year, or you could pay this amount separately to your IRA company. When this fee is deducted from your account, there are no extra tax consequences on it.

All companies offer either one or both of these methods, so when you select your IRA company, ensure that they offer the payment method that you prefer.

All official paperwork contains these compulsory charges and other financial details that are quite important. Before you sign any paperwork, make sure you go over it with your financial advisor or lawyer so that you don’t miss any important details.

What is The Efficiency And Delivery Time?

With something as worthy as gold and precious metals, your heart would never be at peace unless the gold is either in your possession or safely resting in a guarded depositary. When you’re working with a leading gold IRA company, it shall be your basic criteria to expect fast and efficient service.

It would be hard to form a good relationship with any company if they test your patience and have poor customer service.

Good companies offer immediate delivery very soon after your transaction has been processed in their system because they understand how important something you have put your money into is for you. When checking reviews for any company, make sure to immediately cut off the ones with slow service from your list because that is the last thing you need when your money is at stake.

If at any point you have a query or need assistance, you need someone to get back to you soon and be helpful to you. For that, you should look for companies that offer live chat or 24/7 helplines; if you’re an anxious person, this would be very helpful for you.

Are you Interacting with a Pushy Salesperson and Unsupportive Customer Service?

If you ever encounter a pushy sales associate, that is a sign of rethinking your decision. A good company would never force or push you into working with them; they let their services do the talking.

Whether you select the company or not is entirely your decision, and one should not be implying it to you. If you ever feel that way, you won’t have a comfortable relationship with that company moving forward.

A salesperson overselling their product or tricking you into agreeing with them makes the company look quite suspicious. So don’t fall into their trap as it could possibly even be a scam or fraud company.

Another thing to ensure before settling with any company is how good their customer support is. Good customer support would mean individuals that care more about your comfort than what is more financially beneficial for them.

The companies mentioned in this guide also offer customer service throughout the time they work with you to make you feel at ease; this is something you should look for in the company you select.

Other Alternative Investment Options Available

Even though investing in gold is one of the most sensible investments, you should be well aware of all the other available investment options. Alternative options are cryptocurrency, bonds, stocks, real estate, etc.

For any sort of investment that you make, you need to make sure you have sufficient knowledge of that specific market. If you step into any of these investments without knowledge, it can result in a major loss. It is always a hit or miss with stocks and crypto, even for knowledgeable individuals.

However, all financial advisors suggest diversifying your savings, so it is best to explore all your options before making a decision. Seek financial advice from your advisor and lawyers at each step of the way as they know your requirements the best.

Final Thoughts – Best Gold Investment Companies

Based on your individual’s future plans, your investment requirements will differ from the next person, and therefore, the company you select at the end of the day needs to be the one that fits your needs the best. Our guide tells you about 4 of the best gold IRA companies that you could rely on.

However, we have to say if you consider it from every possible aspect, the best gold IRA company overall is Augusta Precious Metals. Not only is this company approved by BBB and BCA, but it also has 5-star ratings across all credible reviewing platforms such as trust pilot.

The best thing about Augusta is that they provide endless customer support the entire time they work with you, unlike other companies that prioritize new potential clients. Plus, they keep all their gold and metal bullions in one of the safest privately guarded depositories out there, so your mind will always be at ease.

At the end of the day, the decision is in your hands; we understand this is a very important life decision for you, so go with the safest, most comfortable option you find. Be careful and select sensibly!