5 Proptech Innovations That Rocked The Real Estate World in 2022

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This year was a wild ride for the real estate world. As far as the Texas housing market goes, we’ve seen everything from historically low inventory to high mortgage rates. If you’re a Realtor, real estate agent, broker, banker, or buyer, you’ve likely felt the pressure of this precarious market.

Thankfully, this was also an incredible year for innovation. We saw a wealth of new proptech products aimed at making the real estate and investment industries more intuitive, efficient, and effective.

As we reflect on the progress made this year, I want to highlight my five favorite proptech innovations that rocked the real estate world in 2022.

1. ZYYAH Makes Property Management Easier

I’m kicking off this list with a product that helps real estate agents, service pros, and homeowners alike. Meet ZYYAH.

Powered by technologists, real estate professionals, luxury home builders, and product experts, ZYYAH makes home management radically simple.

This digital helping hand implements technology, expert knowledge, and relationships to simplify home management. Under their all-in-one platform, users receive custom insights and service pro support to easily manage their property.

“Two years ago, we had a vision for ZYYAH, and since then, it has been continuously validated,” says Bret Hatfield, co-founder. “In part, by events that have affected many of our home living experiences directly – flooding, a pandemic, an ice-pocalypse. We spend a good amount of our adult lives in a relationship with our homes. However, like all relationships, it needs nurturing. Lucky for us, this is ZYYAH’s love language.”

Recently, ZYYAH extended the platform to Realtors. This opens all-new commission prospects even after closing as they’re able to work with businesses and service pros to recommend products to their clients. This is what we call a win, win, win.

To learn more about this comprehensive home management platform, read the full article below.

2. Dallas’s Dottid Delivers Investment Efficiency

Founded by Dallas native, Kyle Waldrep, Dottid is a game-changing software for those in commercial real estate. This software as a service (SaaS) provider links up brokers, landlords, and tenants to create seamless workflows and provide a single source of truth for users. Its features include project management capabilities, asset organization tools, an intuitive dashboard, and more.

Earlier this year, Kyle and the team took the platform a step further by introducing the evolution of Dottid – Asset OS.

“Dottid is expanding,” exclaimed Waldrep. “Dottid is growing. The launch of Asset OS is the next iteration of this technology. Think of it as Dottid 2.0. This is where the technology goes from being a leasing platform to a fully operational asset management product.”

Asset OS is the comprehensive culmination of just about every task within the real estate owner, investor, or operator space. This next iteration of their SaaS will have capabilities to tackle everything from leasing to capital projects to tenant CRM. For these reasons, we had to include it in this list!

To learn more about this launch and product, check out the full article below.

3. Opendoor Innovates Financing

By now, even those outside the real estate industry are familiar with Opendoor. This intuitive app makes it super simple to surf the MLS and find the perfect home. This year, with a mission of making housing accessible to all, Opendoor innovated an all-in-one app for finding the perfect mortgage, no matter your purchasing power. After going through all the ups and downs of actually finding the perfect home, users simply answer four questions to get pre-approval options in minutes.

“The real estate industry is antiquated, and the mortgage pre-approval process is no exception,” said Heather Harmon, Head of Opendoor Finance. “In fact, it is the least optimized part of the transaction. And consumers are looking for expert knowledge and easy solutions to navigate the complex mortgage process, especially in these fluctuating market conditions.”

With mortgage rates continually climbing throughout the year, this innovation had to make the list.

To learn more about how Opendoor is innovating home financing, read the full article below.

4. Pinnacle HQ Proptech Provides Strength to Solo Agents

Founded by Dallas native Sam Sawyer, Pinnacle employs some of the industry’s leading services for the solo agent model. With top-of-the-class tools, multiple white-label sponsorship plans, and on-demand support, Pinnacle is equipped to help any agent succeed. The company just acquired another startup, Realthy.io, which fits perfectly into the agent-centric equation.

“With the acquisition of Realthy.io, we’re building out an internal product for our agents called Pinnacle HQ,” said Sam Sawyer, the company’s founder. “This will act as a marketplace for agents to find everything from tech products to vendors. Really, anything to help agents and their clients.”

Realtors are like personal shoppers to their clients. The Pinnacle HQ product provides agents with access to hundreds of vetted home service vendors, marketing tools and services, and exclusive deals.

Check out the full article below to discover all the ways Pinnacle HQ is taking proptech to the next level.

5. Proptech Startup Backflip Makes Flipping a Breeze

Dallas-based Backflip is a tech tool that’s turning the real estate world on its head. Having just secured $35 million in funding, this proptech startup provides an intuitive app with data, tools, and funding for real estate entrepreneurs.

“We’re excited about building an end-to-end platform for the 17 million real estate entrepreneurs in America,” said Josh Ernst, CEO and co-founder of Backflip. “Our platform is designed to provide education, data, decision-making tools, and funding opportunities for those who want to enter the real estate world.”

Essentially, this product is a Swiss army knife for buying and flipping homes. It provides a wealth of information and insight and then matches you with financing options custom fit to your strategy. For these reasons, it has secured its place as one of my favorite proptech platforms of 2022.

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