Here's your complete guide to navigating the stock market in 2023 — including over 100 investing ideas from top fund managers and firms

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  • Investors are reconsidering their strategies and bracing for more market turbulence in 2023.
  • But opportunities remain across asset classes for those who look in the right places.
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The consensus among top investment firms 12 months ago was that US stocks would log modest gains in the year ahead as the post-pandemic economic recovery slowed. Cyclical sectors like financials and energy were seen as top picks, while high inflation was believed to be “transitory” at best.

Turns out predicting the future is easier said than done.

Those projections largely fell flat, with the notable exception of the bullish call on the energy sector. Energy stocks crushed the market for the second straight year as oil prices surged to 14-year highs after Russia unexpectedly mounted an invasion of Ukraine.

But the rest of the market fell as inflation climbed to multi-decade highs, which caused the once-dovish Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at a pace that hurt profit margins and choked economic growth

With the S&P 500 down 20% year-to-date, many top investment firms believe a recession is inevitable and more market losses are likely next year. However, both bulls and bears see investing opportunities ahead, particularly at the start of the new year.

Below is a comprehensive summary of Insider’s coverage of what top analysts and firms are expecting for 2023, complete with stories that address investors’ biggest questions.

What will happen in the stock market and the economy in 2023?

Most investors are betting that the US will enter a recession at some point in 2023, but some believe that an economic downturn isn’t guaranteed. Even if the economy contracts, many investment firms are bullish on stocks in the coming year, though others are far less optimistic.

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How can I improve my investing strategy in 2023?

After such a horrible year in markets, many investors are starting to rethink their investing strategies. Insider gathered tips on how to invest heading into the new year.

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Where should I invest in 2023?

Active management made a comeback in 2022, as the days of easy gains from low-cost index funds appear to be over for now. Here’s how the brightest investors recommend investing next year.

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What stocks should I buy in 2023?

Top fund managers and investment firms see opportunities in several types of stocks next year across a number of sectors. Some believe that stocks are primed for a rebound, while others endorse a more defensive strategy to protect your portfolio in case of a recession.

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