Who Suns Should/Shouldn't Move Ahead of the Trade Deadline

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The Phoenix Suns have a plethora of options should they make moves in the trade market. Here’s who they should and shouldn’t trade.

With a little over three weeks remaining before the NBA trade deadline, the Phoenix Suns are expected to make a big move to push what has been a very frustrating December and January behind them. With big moves comes even bigger price tags, and with that it is important to look at what Phoenix has and what they should consider untouchable.

Cheese-touch level untouchable

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Devin Booker. Duh. No further analysis needed. He can’t even be traded anyways.


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Chris Paul. He is at a stage where his great games are called vintage but he still is able to get it done. Leader on the team and it seems Phoenix will be his final destination before retirement.

Mikal Bridges. His iron man ability is the best in the NBA and continues to provide top notch NBA defense. He is just 26-years-old and has improved each year of his NBA career. It would be a mistake for Phoenix to let him go in the long run especially as the remaining players of the “old guard” ie. Kevin Durant/LeBron James retire.

Shouldn’t be given away too easy but movable

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Cam Payne. I do not think the Suns could find a better backup point guard on the market currently and he’s proven to be a good fill in for when Paul needs rest.

Damion Lee. Easily Phoenix’s best offseason move by far. His shooting off the bench is perfect for Phoenix and is a late-game sniper.

Obviously they play a factor but James Jones knows what the road looks like ahead

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Draft Picks. The Phoenix Suns are one of the few teams that holds their own destiny for the next decade in terms of draft selections. They also have a 37-year-old starting point guard and a bench that is proving to be very paper thin. It will be interesting to see what Phoenix thinks of their upcoming window in the next 3/4 years depending on how they are used.


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Deandre Ayton. He has not been able to provide his end of the Shaq and Kobe 2.0 promised back in the 2018 NBA Draft. Ayton has been in trepid waters all season and at times has looked ghostly. He still is, however, the current active point scorer on the team averaging 17.3. There also are not a lot of options that currently rank better than him that are available. It still seems likely though that he will be moved either this trading period or this offseason.

Cameron Johnson. He will not have much value after being sidelined most of this season but could be the guy that pushes the deal over the top should Jones and the Suns go out and make a league altering deal.

No Excuses to NOT Trade

Jae Crowder.

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The Suns still currently would make the playoffs and have proven earlier in the season that when entirely healthy they can compete with their fellow top teams in the NBA. The next 25 days have the potential to decide not only how this season will end but the future as well. 

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