The 6 best podcasts for commercial real estate investors in 2023

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For on-the-go budding real estate professionals in need of a convenient way to absorb the latest commercial real estate (CRE) investing news and advice, there are a lot of podcasts that make it easy to level up your knowledge.

Of course, before you start investing, it’s important to talk to a financial advisor or tax professional to make sure you’re financially prepared for the risks that come with CRE, in addition to gathering advice from podcasts, books, and other media.

Whether you’re an aspiring landlord or a CRE tycoon, here are the commercial real estate podcasts you should be listening to right now.

Best overall: The Weekly Take from CBRE

This podcast, from commercial real estate services and investment firm CBRE, is engaging and well done. Each week, host Spencer Levy does a deep dive into a variety of different goings-on in the world of real estate and what CRE investors can learn from them.

Past episodes have covered topics like what the future of hybrid work means for investors who rent out office space, how to break into life sciences properties, and strategies for success in the grocery sector. Episodes are typically between 30 and 45 minutes long.

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Best for news: The TreppWire Podcast

The TreppWire Podcast from data and analytics firm Trepp is a great show for CRE professionals who want to keep up with the latest real estate and economic news to learn what it all means for their investments.

In each episode, the TreppWire team gives listeners the rundown of what happened that week and what it means for the worlds of CRE, structured finance, and banking. Episodes typically run between 30 and 55 minutes.

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Best for beginners: BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

For CRE newbies, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is the best place to get news, advice, and interviews on the strategies that work for the pros.

What’s great about this podcast is that the hosts are adept at keeping their conversations interesting and accessible — this show is never dry, and it won’t fly over the heads of those who aren’t yet old pros at CRE. Episodes are around an hour long and cover topics like finding good rental property deals, how to get started when you don’t have deep pockets, and why investing in RV parks could be a good idea. 

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Best for advice: How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Short, sweet, and chock full of practical CRE investing advice, this podcast is great for investors who are always looking for new ways to improve their strategies and grow their wealth

Host Sam Wilson, founder of the Bricken Investment Group, is an extremely talented interviewer and teaches listeners how to build their brands, utilize direct mail, and more with the help of expert guests. Episodes are around 20 minutes long.

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Best for in-depth analysis: America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is hosted by Michael Bull, a veteran CRE advisor who brings in a new guest each week to discuss news and the latest market developments and forecasts.

Bull and his guests provide smart commentary of the news and what it means, and it’s a great listen for more seasoned investors. Episode lengths vary, typically ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. 

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Best for expert interviews: Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z

Another great interviewer, host Steffany Boldrini brings in experts to talk about a wide range of topics, from negotiating leases to what to know about investing in car washes.

For CRE investors who want to learn about everything there is to know about all the different types of CRE investing, this podcast is a great resource. Episodes are typically between 15 and 30 minutes long.

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Frequently asked questions

Commercial real estate refers to property that is used by a business to generate a profit. Common examples include office buildings, restaurants, malls, or larger multifamily rental buildings, such as an apartment complex.

It’s possible to earn a lot of money by investing in commercial real estate, and even become a millionaire — but it’s far from guaranteed. Investing in any kind of real estate comes with a lot of risks and opportunities to fail. If you end up with a bad location, don’t have the cash flow to keep yourself afloat, or just pick the wrong time to enter the market, you could end up losing money.

It depends on the market you’re in and what you’re good at. If you’re in a popular vacation spot, for example, investing in retail property — the type that houses things like hotels or restaurants — might be a better move than investing in office space.

Larger multifamily rental properties, such as apartment complexes, can be good investments if you’re in an area where demand for rental housing is high. But if you aren’t interested in a very hands-on type of investment, you might not be very successful with these types of properties, unless you have a good team to handle tenant issues for you.