Microsoft Set to Invest $10 Billion In ChatGPT Creator

Microsoft is reportedly in talks to invest $10 billion in OpenAI, the parent company of AI tool ChatGPT.

Full Video Transcript Below:

J.D. DURKIN: Is Microsoft  (MSFT) – Get Free Report about to make a huge AI investment, Martin?

MARTIN BACCARDAX: This story is really interesting, J.D. The assumption is that Microsoft is going to put another $10 billion into OpenAI, which is an artificial intelligence company founded by, amongst others, Elon Musk. Essentially, AI is the author of this sort of ChatGPT chat bot program, which essentially uses human prompts to create text, to create stories, and will ultimately replace us all if we are to believe the hype in terms of journalists, teachers, authors and everybody else. I don’t know what we’ll be all doing when this time comes, but nonetheless, Microsoft sees it as potentially important. I’m kidding a little bit about it taking over the world.

But I think what Microsoft sees is the potential for this chat bot to be embedded potentially in the release of the new release that we have been reading about of the Bing software engine. If Microsoft is able to find a way to marry the two and put out a new search engine that might offer a potential challenge to Google, that could be really interesting. But that’s a lot of money. It would be an $11 billion investment, all told, if the reports turn out to be true. And it would give Microsoft ultimately somewhere around a 50% stake in this OpenAI tech group.