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Dear Reader,

My Options360 members were able to pull a quick $129 profit over the weekend. 

Here’s the cool part, we got paid to put the trade on – so we never put up a single penny of our own money to get into this trade. 

We collect some money to put the trade on, then we close the trade for a profit.

I know $129 might not seem Earth shattering – however it’s small wins like this that have allowed my students to make as much as 124% in a year… Without ever delivering a losing year.

I sent out an alert earlier today in AMD.

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And if you hurry there still might be time to get in on this trade…

AMD had a very strong reversal on Friday and is following through with a gap higher today.

It has now cleared the resistance around $65 from a gap down back in October and is starting to pierce the downtrend line.

Earnings are slated for Jan 31st but have not been confirmed by some sites. Meaning the Feb 3rd expiry could get a pop in IV if the date is formally confirmed.

Let’s use a bullish diagonal.

I don’t want to chase this too hard so stick with the price limit.

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To Your Success,