SIP In Fixed Income Funds – A Solution Than A Resolution For 2023

2022 was a power packed year for Fixed Income Markets. Till March 2021 most of the central banks maintained excess liquidity and used the word “Transitory” for inflation concerns. After a prolonged period of high liquidity and rate cuts during the pandemic period, the cycle for Fixed Income (Interest rates) turned in 2022. 

In May 2022 the Reserve Bank OF India started hiking rates aggressively in line with global interest rate hikes. Excess liquidity which was around 8 lakh crores during the start of financial year, reduced to almost zero or marginally positive by year end (December 22). As a result, the yield on 10-year sovereign paper inched up from 6.90% in April 2022 to 7.60% in June 2022. (When yields move upwards, prices of bonds decline leading to mark to market losses). As a result, investors in long-term debt funds were badly hit.  

As we come towards the end of 2022, we feel the yields have peaked. Most of the negatives have been factored in the current prices. Crude prices have declined, inflation is declining on domestic and global front, huge borrowing program has sailed through (state govt plus central govt), rupee is stabilizing and most important a carry of 7% plus is very attractive. All these factors are positive for the fixed income market. 

Saving and investing is all about creating good habits and keeping an eye on long-term goals and short term emergencies. Investing is all about asset allocation (Equity/Fixed Income/Gold etc). Financial security doesn’t happen accidentally. It has to be planned carefully considering one’s own resources. Initially it could put pressure on lifestyle but over a period it is manageable. It is very much essential to opt for long term fixed Income investment while building retirement corpus with tax efficiency and lock in. Fixed Income products bring discipline to investment habit. Today around 170 lakh crores money is in bank FDs (source: CRISIL Report). This money may gradually be transferred to Fixed Income schemes of mutual funds because of transparency (fortnightly portfolio disclosure), tax efficiency (indexation benefit after three years) and liquidity  

In the New year starting 2023 you may start a SIP for the next six months to one year in Medium to Long Duration Funds, Long Duration Funds, Banking & PSU Funds and Low Duration Funds depending on risk appetite and build a corpus. 

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