Book Release: Global Investing: A Practical Guide To The World's Best Financial Opportunities

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Darrin Erickson – Author of Global Investing: A Practical Guide to the World’s Best Financial Opportunities

Accomplished equity portfolio manager with nearly three decades of investment industry experience helps investors bring their portfolios beyond country borders

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA, January 10, 2023 / / — Whether we acknowledge it or not, we live in a global economy, and we are subject to the forces that drive it. Investors chase the market and watch trends like hawks looking for the best results possible. There are countless questions to answer while investors constantly fight against emotional, social, and technological influences. However, all hope is not lost. To navigate this maze, Darrin Erickson MA, MBA, CFA and veteran portfolio manager walks readers through how to best analyze, understand, and invest in leading global businesses in his highly anticipated and already #1 release, Global Investing: A Practical Guide to the World’s Best Financial Opportunities. {From Wiley – ISBN: 978-1119856665 $35 Hardcover}

Erickson explores an astonishing 91 industries across 11 sectors of the global economy and uses his years of experience to explain the data in very practical and actionable terms. All of the data is up-to-date regarding the size and characteristics of the key financial markets that investors need to be taking notice of around the world, and Erickson applies the timeless teachings of world-class value investors from a global perspective!

“The purpose of this book is to help investors better understand the global financial landscape and how to best take advantage of the multitude of investment opportunities it provides,” said Darrin Erickson, accomplished equity portfolio manager currently at Value Partners Investments.“Over any given time period the best-­performing stocks will be spread across every region of the world. Although the relative performance of different regions fluctuates over time, the free flow of investor capital within and between geographic regions will ensure that money will move to wherever the best investment opportunities exist. Furthermore, with more than 55,000 companies listed on public stock exchanges worldwide, there are plenty of investment opportunities available to the global investor. In addition to this vast pool of investable businesses, there are new businesses coming to the market every day. There was a total of 1,388 companies newly listed on an exchange worldwide in 2020, with a total market value of $236.1 billion USD, and a majority of these businesses were located in emerging markets.”

In part one of Global Investing: A Practical Guide to the World’s Best Financial Opportunities, Erickson discusses why the most effective way to build wealth is through business ownership. Part Two focuses on the global investment opportunity, including what is driving those opportunities and the implications for investors. Part Three examines the key risks involved with investing globally, including market cycle risk, currency risk, and geopolitical risk, as well as how to manage those risks. Part Four discusses how to analyze companies and identify good businesses. Part Five provides the reader with a primer on each of the world’s major sectors and industries. The last section of the book, Part Six, brings all of the previous material together and reveals how to construct a portfolio of great businesses from around the world. It also provides some helpful tools and resources that every investor should keep on their radar screen.

“Darrin’s book provides a wonderful survey of the global investment landscape and it provides a practical outline of the themes that should drive the investment decisions of any conscientious investor,” said Matthew Flynn, CEO and Managing Partner at Laurelcrest Partners,“Whether a novice investor starting out, or a seasoned investor looking to refresh or expand your knowledge, this book should serve as a useful guide for tackling the complex world of global investing.”

Also in the book, author Darrin Erickson provides smart and studied advice such as:
Relevant information about key stock markets around the world
Insights into the underlying dynamics of the world’s major global industries
Fulsome discussions on how to evaluate companies within each global industry
How to construct a portfolio of global stocks that will help you to build wealth and protect it during times of stock market weakness
Descriptions of free and paid tools that belong on the radar of every successful global investor

“Global Investing offers the reader a thorough review of financial markets, company and industry analysis, and the global investment opportunity set. Importantly, investment risks are discussed and evaluated in the context of portfolio construction,” said Geeta M. Kapadia, Chief Investment Officer at Fordham University.“Darrin Erickson has drawn upon his extensive industry experience to provide an accessible yet comprehensive look at what it means to be an investor today.”

“I wish I had access to this splendid book at the start of my career,” said Carl Bacon, Chief Adviser Confluence and chair of CFA Institute’s Global Investment Standards Committee.“Darrin Erickson lays out the risk and opportunities of global investing in a clear, understandable, accessible way. It seems odd to say about a book on investing, but Global Investing is so well written it’s a clear page turner.”

Darrin Erickson, MA, MBA, CFA is an accomplished equity portfolio manager with nearly three decades of investment industry experience. During his career, Darrin has served as the lead portfolio manager for numerous equity mandates, including Global, North American, US large cap, US mid cap, Science & Technology as well as long/short portfolios. Darrin holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, as well as an MBA from the University of Alberta. Darrin holds the CFA charter and has served as a volunteer for CFA Institute in various capacities for more than 20 years. Darrin has made several television appearances, where he has shared his insights into the global financial markets. Connect with Darrin on linkedin .

Global Investing: A Practical Guide to the World’s Best Financial Opportunities is sold at amazon , barnes and noble , or wherever you buy your books!

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