7 Best Gold Stocks Of 2023

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Newmont Corp. mines gold and other precious metals, with operations worldwide.

Shares of NEM have been trending higher since 2016, and moved above 2011 levels in the last couple of years—a feat most other gold stocks couldn’t muster. The stock is down 36% from its most recent all-time high.

Newmont offers an attractive 4% dividend yield. However, the company’s dividend payment amounts tend to vary yearly.

Sales have increased for three straight years. Earnings have been positive for four years but saw a drop in 2021.

The company has a decent solvency ratio of 40% for a mining company. The company carries long-term debt, which is several times as big as net income, but currently, it can easily cover those debt costs.

Newmont’s current P/E ratio is relatively high at 46.6. Meanwhile, the five-year low in the stock’s P/E low ratio is 10.8. Analysts expect higher EPS next year, which puts NEM’s forward P/E more in the value range of around 13.