Heather Biola: A time to invest in public education (Opinion)

This is the time to invest in public education and workforce training to ensure that our children have the tools they need to earn a living in the economic environment of the 21st century. We have tax surplus dollars now to invest in the future of West Virginia’s younger citizens. This is our opportunity to make the improvements in public education that West Virginia needs to attract businesses and young families to the Mountain State.

Even before COVID-19, we needed to invest in teacher pay and educational technology. Now Randolph County will have to cut teaching positions and might need to close schools. This is not the time to cut funding for public education. There is every reason to believe that young families will not want to bring children here because our test scores are so low compared to other parts of the nation, and West Virginia teachers are some of the most poorly paid in the country. West Virginia counties cannot even pay enough to attract bus drivers.