Breaking: PSG's Owners Qatar Sports Investments Considering Liverpool, Manchester United Or Tottenham Purchase

When news broke, at the end of last year, that FSG were putting Liverpool on the market for either a full or partial sale, the internet was abuzz with speculation and rumors of who might buy the club.

A report released today by Bloomberg news, a trusted and credible news source, suggests that Qatar Sports Investors are considering Liverpool along side Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs.

It’s widely acknowledged that QSI is owned by the Qatari government in a branch of their Finance Department. 

John Henry FSG Jurgen Klopp

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Qatar spent $200 million on a largely celebrated World Cup tournament. FIFA is reporting profits of over €7 billion. It’s easy to see how Qatar is eager to continue investing in the football enterprise.

Bloomberg did say the source was “a person with knowledge of the meeting…who asked not to be named because the discussions are private.” so it’s not clear how credible the report is.

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All three clubs named have declined to comment which is in itself revealing. Typically if a report is definitely not true the clubs will be quick to say as much.

While most supporters would agree that FSG have laid the foundation for the club’s success they also realize that FSG can no longer compete financially with the other state-owned clubs such as Manchester City and Newcastle.

Liverpool’s form this season might suggest that an injection of finances would be useful. The Reds play Brighton this weekend in the first of a difficult run of Premier League games.

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