Swing Trading & Stock Market Most Searched Online Words Among Indians In 2022: Survey

While India is the world’s second-most stock-obsessed country, Singapore ranked number one in a list of countries that generated the highest online search for stock market terms, the UK-based financial services provider CMC Markets said in a research.

The study analysed the Google search trends related to the stock market in English-speaking nations over the past 12 months. Canada and the US ranked third and fourth position.

Key Highlights Of The Study

Stock Market and Swing Trading Most Searched Terms In India: India ranked second on the list with the most stock market-related Google searches. The study found that the stock market and swing trading were the most searched terms. India had the highest search volume for swing trading anywhere in the English-speaking world. The lowest searched volume phrase for India was ‘day trading,’ while for Australia, it was the most searched.

Interest Rate Was The Fourth-Highest Searched Term In India: While it was the most searched phrase in India, it was the least searched term in Nigeria, recording the world’s lowest search volume. Although the Singaporeans searched for these words, Indians were more interested in knowing about interest rates, as evident from the Google search data.

The report said, “Singapore topped the list for its population having the highest search levels for the phrases’ stocks’, ‘buy stocks’, and ‘interest rate’ worldwide.”

Additionally, Singapore ranked third worldwide for generating the highest volume of online searches for the words’ stock market’, followed by the US and India”.

More People Searched For Stock Market Than The Word Stocks In India: The US topped the list for online searches for the words’ stock market’, followed by India. The bottom of the list for these search words was South Africa.

However, ‘invest in stocks’ and ‘day trading’ had the world’s least search volume in India. On the other hand, the US garnered the highest search volume for ‘invest in stocks’, and Nigeria had more search requests for the phrase’ day trading’ than India.

“Australia has the sixth-highest proportion of its population searching for the phrase ‘invest in stocks’ and interestingly, the country is most interested in ‘day trading’ worldwide, meaning they may like to hold their stocks for the shortest period,” noted the report.

This study also revealed that the UAE had the world’s fourth-highest search traffic for the term ‘swing trading’ and ranked fifth for the phrase’ day trading.’