These money and investing tips can keep you afloat if stocks circle the drain

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INVESTING NEWS & TRENDSHow the Dow’s start to the new year affects the stock market’s 2023 return

Many reasons not to put too much weight on these first-days-of-January indicators. Read More

No one’s having fun in the stock market these days, and that might be a sign that a bottom is near

When apathy sets in, it will be time to begin buying tech stocks again. Read More

Bearishness in stocks sets in as positive seasonal factors did little to lift the market

A lackluster Santa Claus Rally has come and gone. Read More

What the House speakership battle can teach us about the markets

The markets react to new and economically-relevant developments. Read More

Stocks will outperform gold in the months ahead, according to contrarian analysis of market timers

Gold investors are excessively bullish, typically a bad omen. Read More

On anniversary of the Capitol attack, companies face new pressures to disclose political spending 

Shareholders, consumer groups and lawmakers seeking more details, better oversight of corporate political outlays. Read More

No one knows which stocks will fuel the next bull market, but don’t bet on the bear market’s winners

The best-performing sector in a down market doesn’t lead on the way up. Read More

‘We were twice the next competitor’: BlackRock’s iShares dominates fixed-income ETFs flows in 2022

BlackRock’s iShares dominated flows into exchange-traded funds focused on fixed income in 2022, an ugly year for markets in which ETFs kept attracting investors. Read More

Stock market acting like it did before the recession of 1969, JPMorgan strategist finds

Bryan Adams, the Canadian singer, famously reminisced about the summer of 1969, and now, investment analysts are as well. Read More

To help survive a rocky 2023, these three value investors are favoring these six stocks

Value will once again outperform growth, these investing-newsletter writers say. Read More

2022 was the ‘biggest outlier year’ in markets history as stocks and bonds both plunged, Deutsche Bank says

U.S. markets experienced a historic reckoning in 2022 after the Federal Reserve’s efforts to combat the worst inflation in decades sent stocks and bonds reeling. Read More

Michael Burry of ‘Big Short’ fame expects another ‘inflation spike’ after recession rocks U.S.

U.S. inflation may be receding for now, but investors should brace for another ‘spike’ in the not-too-distant future, Michael Burry warns. Read More

Crypto insurance is nearly nonexistent, so you’ll have to rely on some common sense to protect you

Your cash and stocks are covered by insurance. Digital currencies don’t enjoy the same level of protection. Read More

A sudden loss of wealth is devastating. These financial advisers know how to help people get their portfolios back on track.

Financial advisers can’t work magic, but they can provide perspective and emotional support. Read More

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