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Jan 07, 2023 – 11:23 PM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


Ai Stocks Portfolio

A quick look at the current state of my portfolio which is now 88.5% invested after arrival of approx 5% of fresh cash and after I sold all of my NBIX holding given that it earlier retreated from a multi year high, and that it tends to trade within a range of $125 to $76. I have update the table to indicate when columns were last updated. I have also replaced the beta column with something more useful called Future Growth (1-10), which is basically how I see the COMPANY doing in terms of future growth potential where 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest, note this does not mean that the stock prices will match growth potential due to a myriad of factors such as sentiment, valuation and politics, but it gives insight into the underlying prospects for the businesses where the two stocks that score 10 are AMD and TSMC which is why I am heavily invested in both and don’t fret about stock price drops in either as recently experienced because the underlying businesses have huge long-term future growth potential. Stocks that score 9 are Nvidia, Facebook, ASML and IBM, which again means I am not too phased by what we recently witnessed with the likes of META and and Nvidia, stock prices rarely reflect the actual state of the underlying business as they oscillate between extreme fear and extreme FOMO as illustrated when one watches the Cartoon Network (CNBC).

Table Big Image – https://www.marketoracle.co.uk/images/2022/Nov/AI-stocks-portfolio-25th.jpg

Qualcom – QCOM $123.4 – EGF -12%, -9%, P/E 9.8

Qualcom managed to hold up well during the bear market right up until October when it broke support at $120 falling to within touching distance of $100. A decline that has greatly weakened the outlook for QCOM during 2023, i.e. one can forget about new all time highs this side of 2024. At best Qualcom could break above the $156 high to target $170. The fundamentals are mixed as Qualcom trades on low P/E of 9.8 against which EGF’s are -12% and -9%, so no earnings growth for 2023 thus the stock could remain range bound for most of 2023 within the range of $120 to $155.

(Charts courtesy of stockcharts.com)

I am 111% invested, I will be seeking to trim on a rally to above $150 and accumulate on declines below $120 which is a good 26%+ spread.

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