Reboot your budget with these expert planning tips

InvestigateTV – According to a new Bank of America study, 80% of Americans plan to set financial resolutions for 2023.

No matter your net worth, or your budget level, managing director for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Aashish Matani said it’s important to know your complete financial picture and where every dollar is going.

Matani shared several strategies for getting and staying on track:

Create a financial plan: Put your goals in writing to increase your chances of achieving them and revisit your plan either every year or any time a significant investment decision is made.

Consolidate your finances: Consider streamlining accounts under one institution to make it easier to track your records and spending.

Consolidate your 401K accounts: If you have multiple accounts from previous employers held at different custodians, merge them under one account.

Consult a financial advisor: They can guide you in creating budgets, investment strategies, and a wide array of financial services. can help you find the right financial planner for you.